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  • Doug Weeks

Are You Neglecting Your Mobile Site?

First understand that 50%+ of internet traffic is mobile. 40% of people only search on a smartphones [Techjury]. I won't go over all the stats you can Google them. So knowing all this why are mobile sites an afterthought for many? In their work life people design, test, review and think on desktop and in the rest of their life they live on mobile.

Here are 5 things to check on your companies mobile site

  1. Is the most important content above the fold or at least a single scroll down?

  2. Are the images or design elements that support your brand even on your mobile site?

  3. Does the copy fit and is it easy to read?

  4. Does the site function properly on mobile?

  5. Do the contact methods work as they are designed too? Is the phone number clickable?

The bottomline is it's very important to pay attention to mobile!

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