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  • Doug Weeks

Are My View Conversions Valuable?

We use a metric called “view to click ratio” - view conversions to click conversions. This is something you should look at if doing any type of programmatic, Google display or any buy across a lot of publishers using any algorithmic optimization.

  1. Getting view and click conversions - Normal state and is healthy, but watch the ratio. When it gets too high (20 to 1 or more) run a site list report and make sure it’s not all coming from a few big sites. Go and see if your ads are visible on this site. Make sure the ratio makes sense and even think about blocking sites that get too many view conversions.

  2. Getting only view conversions - Often found in retargeting campaigns is generally something we call “conversion tagging”. Conversion tagging is when the system finds internet choke hole sites where it can cookie a lot of users and therefore get a lot of credit for anyone that converts. Think about shutting this campaign off. (common if you are using one of the big retargeting vendors)

  3. Only click conversions - This is the oddest one of all and can point to some type of messaging issue or even a cross device tracking issue. Normally there would be some view conversions present when there are click conversions. Unless you have an impulse product we recommend making sure your ad is branded and checking your mobile to desktop tracking ecosystem.

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