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  • Doug Weeks

What Should Reporting For Your Digital Channels Look Like In 2020

Reporting tools both over the top and internal platform tools have come a long way. So where should you be as an agency or internal digital shop in terms of reporting in 2020.

  • You should be fully automated with no manual intervention - no downloading, no pivot tables, now excel, no touch

  • You should be near real-time - no weekly or monthly wait times

  • There should be no IT or programming resources involved in any production of reporting

  • You should be using it to inform external and internal stakeholders, but also to manage your campaigns

  • You should not be directly maintaining any APIs with any of your ad tech vendors

  • You should be able to easily create custom metrics and normalize metrics and data between data sources.

If you do not do all of this and more you are not leveraging the existing technology available. I am not going to endorse any vendors in this post, but if you have questions and want to know what options exist, message me directly and I will help.

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